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Midas® Gas Detector - Analytics

The Midas Gas Detector uses reliable sensor technology to detect many key toxic, aient and flammable gases in a plant. The device monitors points up to 100 feet (30 meters) away while using patented technology to regulate flow rates and ensure error-free gas detection.

CFX96 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection System | Life …

The CFX96 Touch System is a powerful, precise, and flexible real-time PCR detection system. This six-channel (five colors and one FRET channel) real-time PCR instrument coines advanced optical technology with precise temperature control to deliver ive, reliable detection for singlexplex or multiplex reactions.

Gastro+ Gastrolyzer to aid in the detection of

2019-4-18 · The new Gastro+ Gastrolyzer is breath monitor designed for health professionals to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders, with built in suggested protocols to help in the diagnosis of SIBO, IBS, lactose, fructose intolerance plus many more.

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Hydrogen Concentration Measurement System for …

Military and CBRNE appliions have evolved to create a need for enhanced radiological detection equipment used by armed forces. Based on long-term experience and cooperation with customers, Mirion constantly improves and extends its range of military products, providing new solutions and innovative technologies against new threats to protect

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2015-8-31 · read:"1/ 1 for Germany, 2 for France, 3 for Italy, 4 for the Netherlands, 5 for Sweden, 6 for Belgium, 7 for Hungary, 8 for the Czech hydrogen ( H2 ), 99.5 per cent minimum

GC with Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID)

Gas Chromatography – Flame Ionization Detector or GC-FID is a very common analytical technique that is widely used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and natural gas markets. An FID typically uses a Hydrogen/Air flame into which the sample is passed to oxidise organic molecules and produces electrically charged particles (ions).

Heat Exchangers: Cooling & Heating Systems | Kelvion

Kelvion, your expert for heat exchangers and other cooling & heating systems: finn, tube & plate heat exchangers, radiators, wet cooling towers & more!

Power Industry Gas Detection | Sensidyne

Experts in Power Industry Gas Detection CARBON MONOXIDE. Coal fines and dust are extremely flammable. “CO monitoring for the presence of Carbon Monoxide is the way to find out soonest whether there is a fire in the making.

Industrial Water & Process Treatment Technologies

2019-5-6 · Our experts partner with customers around the world to solve the toughest industrial water and process challenges. Leverage our water treatment systems and technology to reduce costs, meet environmental regulations and prepare for changing demands.

New Krones plant in Hungary - Krones

2019-4-15 · Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, is building a new plant in Eastern Europe. Following detailed analyses, Debrecen in Hungary emerged as a suitable loion for a production facility, which is scheduled to begin operation in early 2019. 500 new jobs are planned.

REL52020 - Easergy P3U30, 4L ringlug, 4U, 16DI/8DO, …

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EN 12680-2_

Equipment, coupling medium, ivity and resolution of detection ..8 Preparation of casting surfaces for H2 a b c d Lateral extension of indiion Half-value

Industrial | Proton On-Site

Lower flammability limit detectors (LFL) or explosimeters rely on hydrogen fuel gas to operate this ive solvent detection. Ironically, many plants source hydrogen from delivered cylinders, storing flammable gas to operate the detection equipment that they are using to maintain site safety.

Leak indiors for modified-atmosphere packages

Because of the increasing consumer demand for safe, high-quality food, it is likely that, in addition to CO, indiors such as the Tufflex GS, indiors that are based on 0: detection and specially designed for leak- age detection in modified-atmosphere packages will be commercialized in the near future. .____-- …

Hobre - Hobré Analyzer Solutions

Hobré analyzer solutions. Online measurement analyzers for the oil & gas, (petro)chemical, metal, mining, steel, power, food and pharma industries.

iQ-Check® Campylobacter PCR Detection Kit …

Use the iQ-Check Campylobacter PCR Detection Kit for identifying Campylobacter DNA sequences in foods, contaminated water and other environmental samples. This test can be run in parallel with other iQ-Check Kits. Features and Benefits. Kit contains 96 tests, sufficient for processing 94 samples with positive and negative controls in a single run; store at 2–8°C

Optical Gas Imaging | FLIR Systems

FLIR optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras can help you detect methane, sulfur hexafluoride, and hundreds of other industrial gases quickly, accurately, and safely - without shutting down systems. With FLIR OGI cameras, you can scan broad sections of equipment rapidly and survey areas that are hard to reach with traditional contact measurement tools.

AlSCAN hydrogen analyzer for liquid aluminum

Principle of operation. The closed recirculation loop is a proven method of directly monitoring hydrogen in liquid aluminum. A small volume of carrier gas, usually nitrogen, is brought in contact with the melt by means of an immersed probe that continuously circulates in the closed loop until its hydrogen content reaches equilibrium with the vapor pressure of H 2 in the melt.

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h2 gas detection equipment in malta. Energy Scenarios for Malta. 200861-Gas (GHG) reduction in the transport sector and as a way to reduce Malta Energy Scenarios H2RES Wind Energy Hydrogen Storage Fuel for Tra. Jobs in Malta - Vacancies in Malta and Europe Jobs and Free .